COS online
 What's new for Adjunct COSs?
  • When you select a term for an Adjunct COS, the courses for that instructor and term will automatically get loaded into the COS.
  • Contact Hours now accept decimal values.
  • Workload Hours are now called Instructional Credit, and accept decimal values
  • The Placements area will still be visible for old ADJ COSs, but not for new COSs. Placements are now attached to courses.
  • FTE is automatically calculated by the COS based on a number of factors.
These are some of the changes. Please address questions reqarding these to Ann or Rachael at 3145.




The COS is now available for use.
A number of changes have been implemented in the Course Management and Adjunct-specific areas to address Instructional Credit, Placements and FTE.
Please report any issues!
Thanks for your help.

Please report any and all problems with the COS to one of the following persons:
Susan Cortes 3775
Ann Aldrich 3145
Rachael Coon 3145