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Akey, Aarim-Heriot chosen for CIEE International
Saturday, October 27, 2012

Najia Aarim-HeriotNajia Aarim-Heriot

Jessica Akey


Dr. Jessica Akey, Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication, and Dr. Najia Aarim-Heriot, Associate Professor of the Department of History, have been selected to participate in the 2013 CIEE International Faculty Development Seminars.

Professor Akey applied for the “Issues in Public Health” seminar in Botswana. Her field of expertise is health communication and the seminar will allow her to study how the citizens of Botswana are responding to the AIDS pandemic as well as women’s health issues, health care delivery in rural and urban settings, traditional and modern approaches to medicine, and mental health in an African context. Her research is based on examining physical, mental, and emotional health management tactics for women managing illness.
Professor Aarim-Heriot applied for the “Challenges and Coexistence in Neighboring Cultures” seminar in Spain and Morocco. Participating in the seminar will provide a unique opportunity to expand  transnational research in race and ethnicity, and to share pedagogical experiences and research and scholarly interests with students, academics and activists in Spain and Morocco. The seminar should help contextualize the contemporary heated debate on religion, freedom, tolerance and the acceptable limits of the public expression of faith (that is, Islam) in European nation states.
Ms. Akey joined the Communication Department in 2011. She teaches Fundamentals of Communication, along with communication studies courses such as Group Communication and Health Communication.
Ms. Aarim-Heriot is a social historian. She was hired by SUNY Fredonia in the Fall of 1998 to teach African-American History classes and coordinate the newly established Multiethnic Studies program. He currently teaches American History Survey, Asian American History, and History capstone seminar in Comparative History of Race and Ethnicity in the U.S. and France.
SUNY Fredonia’s VPAA/Provost has funded faculty participation in these seminars for the past three years. More information about the seminars can be found at Both proposals were selected from a number of applications. Applications were judged on the basis of seminar impact on the individual’s teaching and scholarship as well as benefits to SUNY Fredonia. For further information about the program, please contact Dr. Ted Schwalbe, Coordinator of International Learning, at

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