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Film by Nefin Dinc named "Best Historical Documentary" at Chicago competition
Monday, October 15, 2012

"The Other Town"
Scene from "The Other Town," a documentary film by Nefin Dinc. It won Best Historical Documentary at the 2012 Greek Film Fest in Chicago.

"The Other Town," a documentary film by SUNY Fredonia Communication Associate Professor Nefin Dinc, won “Best Historical Documentary” honors at the 2012 Greek Film Fest Chicago.

The film, which explores how prevailing citizen beliefs and government policies can foster prejudices that perpetuate conflict between nations, was one of five documentaries entered into the competition. In her film, Professor Dinc examined relations between Turkey and Greece.

Two other categories, features and short, were also part of the event held Oct 4 to 8 at the National Hellenic Museum. Serving as judges were John Petrakis and Zbigniew Banas, both veteran film critics, and award-winning filmmaker Mark Mamalakis.

The competition was sponsored by FilmHellenes, an alliance of filmmakers, educators, businessmen, diplomats and others from different backgrounds who are dedicated to identifying, promoting and celebrating Greek filmmakers.


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