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Professor Liz Lee's work selected for exhibit at Kiernan Gallery
Monday, March 10, 2014

Professor Liz Lee's work selected for exhibit at Kiernan Gallery

Professor Liz Lee

Marion Fellow for the Visual and Performing Arts and professor of photography Liz Lee's exhibit, “Without Glass,” is at the Kiernan Gallery in Lexington, Va., through March 29.

Lee’s works involve digital images combined with the Van Dyke contact print process, Lazertran and vanish. Her work has appeared in numerous national and international exhibitions that encourage the audience to explore the point at which photography and technology, art and science, merge.

The title of the exhibit, “Without Glass,” is a play on the history of the photographic medium which began without cameras and lenses made of glass. All of the images in the exhibition are made without cameras and therefore are made specifically without glass lenses.

The "Kiernan Gallery” is owned by Kat Kiernan and showcases primarily photographic works. When asked what it means to her to be featured in this exhibit Professor Lee said, “It is an honor as this show is an invitational, meaning my work was specifically selected by the curators, Kat Kiernan and Christa Bowden, to be a part of this exhibition. They were already familiar with my work from other exhibitions and requested that I, and the other artists, participate in this show.” All of the artists chosen for the exhibit work with alternative and hybrid photographic processes. Lee said she is “honored to share the walls with them.”

When asked what advice she has for students pursuing art, Lee said “Take chances, experiment and always reinvestigate. I think it’s important for students not to get trapped in a concept or a technique they feel is ‘successful’ and be willing to push themselves – especially if it is unfamiliar or uncomfortable – because it may awaken something they never imagined possible.”

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