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Faculty members chosen to participate in summer seminars
Thursday, February 06, 2014

Faculty members chosen to participate in summer seminars

Helen Myers and Dr. Ted Lee

SUNY Fredonia Director of Dance Helen Myers and Professor Ted Lee of the Department of Biology have been selected to participate in the Summer 2014 CIEE Faculty Development Seminar series funded by Provost Terry Brown.

A local committee selected the two professors out of numerous proposals.

The seminars provide faculty and administrators access to rich academics, diverse intercultural experiences, and innovative approaches to learning and problem solving for their campus and classroom.

Myers will embark on a seminar to Spain entitled, “Modern Debates Along and Ancient Way.” The seminar is arranged to explore the history of Spain and the historic, artistic, social, economic and religious development of the Camino de Santiago. Lee will join a seminar in the Netherlands and England entitled, "Health Access, Ethics, and Public Policy: Dutch and British Approaches," which will explore issues and influences of public health.

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