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Flu shots announced in online Health Matters Newsletter
Monday, November 04, 2013

Just how important flu shots really are and why myths surrounding the annual vaccinations should be ignored, plus valuable information about breast cancer that ought to be followed year-round, highlight the October Health Matters Newsletter that appears on the Health Center's website. The newsletter dispenses valuable information for the entire campus community that examines medical issues and presents valuable health and wellness tips.

Flu shots are currently being given at the Health Center and cost $10 for students and $20 for faculty. The lead item in the newsletter  calls attention to the importance of getting a flu shot to protect against getting the flu virus. The four W’s – who, what, when and where – of getting a flu shot are examined in detail. Potential side effects of the vaccination and identification of people who should not get the flu vaccine are also addressed.

Myths that we’ve all heard, such as getting the flu from the vaccine, are outlined and discounted.

Advice for preventing breast cancer, such as eating a low-fat, high-fiber diet, getting regular exercise and not smoking, is presented in recognition of National Breast Cancer Month. Common signs of the disease and a step-by-step procedure for monthly self-breast exams are listed, along with reason for optimism: there is a 97 percent cure rate in early diagnosis where the cancer has not spread.

And finally, Halloween safety tips worth saving for next year are also included in the newsletter.

You’ll find the Health Matters Newsletter at:

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