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Plans announced for High Tech Incubator
Wednesday, May 17, 2006

SUNY Fredonia High Tech Incubator
NYSTAR Start-Up Grant
Incubator Partners

Principal Investigator:
     Dr. Leonard Faulk, Director of the Center for Rural Regional Development and Governance

  • Director and administrator of the NYSTAR start-up grant

Co-Principal Investigator:
     Dr. David Ewing, Dean of the SUNY Fredonia College of Natural and Social Sciences

  • Fiscal and administrative responsibility for NYSTAR funds in the PI’s absence. 
  • Sub-contracts and awards 
  • SUNY Fredonia academic resources: School of Business; Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Communications, Computer Science, Physics, and Visual Arts/New Media
  • Outside funding and new grant proposals.

Entrepreneurial Center (teaching and learning):
     Dr. Richard Robinson, Director of the SUNY Fredonia School of Business

  • Pre-incubator Entrepreneurial Center modules 
  • Strategy Series Work Sessions for incubator client-companies
  • Faculty in Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management, and Marketing, and recruit student interns

Entrepreneurial Center (work force development)
     Chautauqua Workforce Investment Board (Executive Director, Dr. Susan McNamara) 

  • Seek prospective client-companies
  • Convene groups to promote the Incubator
  • Entrepreneurial Center model 
  • Development of additional funding proposals.

Patents and intellectual property:
     SUNY Technology Transfer Office (Director, Dr. Guven Yalcintas)

  • Attainment of patents and intellectual property rights.

Land acquisition and site preparation:
     City of Dunkirk Development Office (Maclain Nichols, director) 

  • Land acquisition in the city, conduction of site cleanup, and site prepration.

New York State tax and business incentives
Dunkirk/Sheridan Empire Zone (Zone Coordinator Rebecca Condon) 

  • tax incentives 
  • reduced-rate utilities 
  • low cost financing.

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