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New faculty and staff join campus community
Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Fall 2013 semester begins with many new faces on campus and familiar faces with new job titles. Human Resources has released the names and titles of faculty and staff who are starting their first academic year at Fredonia or who have been promoted.


Sung Ick Min, Assistant Professor, Applied Professional Studies; Business Administration

Nicholas Evans, Assistant Professor, Biology 

Lei Huang, Assistant Professor - Marketing; Business Administration

Sehan Kim, Assistant Professor, Business Administration

Lisa Walters, Visiting Assistant Professor; Business Administration

Katrina Fulcher, Assistant Professor, Communication Disorders and Sciences

Michael Igoe, Assistant Professor - Journalism; Communication

Samer Khasawneh, Assistant Professor, Computer and Information Sciences

Anthony Tsetse, Assistant Professor, Computer and Information Sciences

Jennifer Berke, Visiting Assistant Professor, Curriculum and Instruction

Robert Kane, Assistant Professor, Economics

Heather McEntarfer, Assistant Professor, English

Lan Wang, Visiting Assistant Professor ESL, English

Katharine Johanesen, Assistant Professor, Geosciences

Xin Fan, Assistant Professor, History

Jeffry Iovannone, Visiting Assistant Professor, Interdisciplinary Studies

Sara Parme, Digital Services Librarian, Reed Library 

Andrea Austin, Assistant Professor, Mathematical Sciences

Brian Boisvert, Assistant Professor, Modern Languages and Literatures

Stijn DeCock, Visiting Assistant Professor, Music

Vernon Huff, Assistant Professor - Choral Music; Music

William Strauss, Visiting Assistant Professor, Music

Catherine Creeley, Assistant Professor, Psychology

Cassandra Daniels, Visiting Assistant Professor; Sociology Anthropology, Social Work and Criminal Justice

Randolph Hohle, Assistant Professor; Sociology, Anthropology, Social Work and Criminal Justice

Rebha Sabharwal, Assistant Professor; Sociology, Anthropology, Social Work and Criminal Justice

Kenneth Shaw, Visiting Assistant Professor, Theatre and Dance


Gary Hardy, Plant Utility Engineer 2, Facilities Services-HVAC 

Rodney Hayes, Electrician, Electrical Services 

Carol McKinnis, Stores Clerk 1, Administration 

Stephanie McMasters, Clerk 1, Human Resources 

Julie O'Connor, Clerk 1, Payroll Services 

Carol Smith, Keyboard Specialist 1, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Dean's Office

Annette Caruso, Clerk 2, Communication Disorders and Sciences

Jody Myers, Keyboard Specialist 1, Registrar's Office

Veronica Dylo, Clerk 2, Financial Aid


Stephen Schillo, Vice President for Finance and  Administration, Administration

Susan Murphy, EAP Coordinator, Human Resources 

William Boerner, Chief Diversity Officer, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 

Matthew Cettin, Assistant Director; Institutional Research, Planning and Assessment

Teresa Brown, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Academic Affairs

Ralph Blasting, Dean Visual and Performing Arts, College of Visual and  Performing Arts

Adam Pellittieri, Instructional Support Assistant, ITS-Multimedia Team

Andrea Wasiura, Web Admin./Production Coordinator, ITS-Multimedia Team

Teresa Dodge, Programmer Analyst, ITS-Programming Team

Charles Reed, Lead Programmer Analyst, ITS-Programming Team

Jaimee Gustafson, Field Representative, Office of Field Experiences

Diane Sercu, Field Representative, Office of Field Experiences

Nicole Calbi, Asst. Women's Basketball Coach, Athletics and Recreation 

Jacob Galofaro, Facilities Manager - Evening & Weekends, Athletics and  Recreation

Philip Seymore, Head Coach Men's Basketball, Athletics and Recreation

Jason Bishoff, Director of Fitness Center, Athletics-Training Room

Rachel LaPaglia, Asst. Director Campus Life, Campus Life

Jellema Stewart, Director Multicultural Affairs, Center for Multicultural Affairs

Mark Zaffalon, Financial Aid Advisor, Financial Aid

Erin Mroczka, Director of First Year and Transition Programs, Student Affairs

Shannon Fisher, FredASSIST Administrator, Student Affairs

Roger Coda, Writer/Photographer, Public Relations

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