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EDP's Jewel program set to welcome largest class ever
Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A record 43 students in the Educational Development Program (EDP) at SUNY Fredonia will jump start their college career by participating in the 2013 July EDP Workshop for Expanded Learning (JEWEL) program.

The Jewel program, to be held July 9-20, serves as the first step in an ongoing process designed to lead to academic and personal success, said EDP Director David White. Jewel assists EDP students in identifying expectations, increasing familiarity with the campus, strengthening work ethic and building the confidence and skills necessary to be successful at SUNY Fredonia.

Academic sessions held in Thompson Hall are designed to strengthen reading, writing, mathematics and communication skills. Information sessions include an introduction to the Learning Center and separate workshops focused on the Center for Multicultural Affairs, technology, leadership and wellness.

Students will learn what is expected of them at the university and what they can expect the work level to be during the regular semester. Students reside in residence halls and receive meals at campus dining facilities. Social activities and off-campus enrichment events are also planned.

Jewel began with 21 students in 2011 and enrolled 31 students in 2012. A two-day orientation for EDP students was held in prior years.

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