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Bond Benton awarded U.S. State Department contract, will travel to London
Monday, October 15, 2012

Recently, Dr. Bond Benton was awarded a contract by the U.S. Department of State.

The project which Dr. Benton has been given will include developing a training program for advocacy, persuasion, and presentation skills for the U.S. embassy in London. The project will also include sponsored research on identifying culturally appropriate messaging strategies for Foreign Service Officers and facilitating programming with embassy leaders.

In October, Dr. Benton will travel to London to lead program trainings. The students in Dr. Benton’s International Public Relations course will have the opportunity to assist with the project throughout the semester. Students in his class will be compiling research on culturally appropriate persuasion and presentation strategies.

Dr. Benton has been a public relations professor for SUNY Fredonia since 2010. Before he became a professor, Dr. Bond Benton, worked in public relations with a focus on international communications and public diplomacy — topics with which he is still actively involved. Dr. Benton often teaches courses which involve ethical persuasion and how it is involved in building relationships with various publics through mass media, organizational communication and community outreach.

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